Tuna Pasta Bake

Colman's of Norwich

This spring, get to know the wide range of great tasting products that Colman's have to offer.

Colman's Seasoning Mixes Range help create exciting, delicious and authentic meals the family love – like Tuna Pasta Bake.

Watch Simon Rimmer's videos for advice to mums on how to cook up some great dinners in a matter of minutes.

So when you're looking for something quick, easy and tasty in the midst of your busy life – try Colman's Seasoning Mixes.

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Money can be tight at this time of year, but we've teamed up with Colman's to help by giving away a weekly prize of £500 towards your supermarket shop.

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Recipe videos

See how easy Colman's products are to use as Sunday Brunch host Simon Rimmer talks to three mums about what's important to them about feeding their families – and how the Colman's range can help provide great tasting dinners. See full details of the recipe.